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smilodon's Journal

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2 October 1966
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"weird al" yankovic, animation, anime, art, art and literature, bachelor pad music, beatles, boardgames, bone, books, britcoms, cartooning, cartoons, cats, cohen brother's movies, comic books, comic strips, comicbooks, comics, computer games, computers, console games, crfh, curry, d&d, dice, discworld, doctor who, dogs, don quixote, dork tower, douglas adams, drawing, dungeons and dragons, dvds, eric clapton, evil dead, family guy, fantasy, filthy lies, finder, food, frank zappa, frankenstein, french language, fusion, futurama, games, girl genius, graphic novels, grateful dead, guitar, gurps, h. rider haggard, hammond organ music, harry potter, history, hitchcock, horror, ice cream, inu yasha, james joyce, japan, japanese, jazz, jimi hendrix, joe pass, john kennedy toole, john lennon, john mclaughlin, john scofield, keenspot, king of the hill, kittens, league of extraordinary gentlemen, led zeppelin, legend of zelda, libraries, lord of the rings, lovecraft, lupin the 3rd, mahavishnu orchestra, manga, martin denny, mary shelley, mel brooks, modesty blaise, monty python, movies, mst3k, muppets, murakami, music, mythology, nintendo, npr, otaku no video, p.g. wodehouse, penguins, peter straub, phil foglio, pink floyd, pirates, programing, r. crumb, ranma 1/2, ray bradbury, reading, record collecting, red dwarf, redheads, retrogaming, role-playing games, rpgs, scary-go-round, science fiction, shakespeare, short stories, silent movies, sleep, sluggy freelance, stand-up comedy, steve jackson games, subgenius, surrealism, tea, teddy roosevelt, terry pratchett, the beatles, theodore roosevelt, they might be giants, this american life, tiki, tolkien, tom waits, toshiro mifune, underground comics, urusei yatsura, usagi yojimbo, video games, videogames, web comics, webcomics, will eisner, women, writing, wwii

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