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Saturday, July 28th, 2012
11:42 pm - Facebook has really taken me away from LJ hasn't it.
That's pretty much it. I've noticed I haven't posted here in a few years. I probably should do something more with this. Hmmm.

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Friday, May 27th, 2011
11:20 pm - RIP GIl Scott-Heron

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Saturday, June 14th, 2008
9:11 pm - Whew! I'm throwing rocks tonight!
OK, My computer has gotten a bit old. Eight years old to be exact. And over that time it has developed some quirks that strike me as somewhat odd. Today I am going to talk about my dvd drive. Over the past few years it has developed a strange need. You see it won't play any dvd I put in it unless I first put in what appears to be it's favorite dvd and play a little bit of it. What, you may ask, would be the favorite movie of an 8 year old dvd drive? Why The Big Lebowski of course. I swear it does not play any other dvd unless I put The Big Lebowski in first. Then it will play whatever I want.

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Friday, May 18th, 2007
8:48 pm - More Duke Pictures
I've been going through my photos looking for good one's of Duke. This is one I like a lot, you can see how big his mouth was (his breath smelled like the well dog breath... or the beach at low tide.)

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Thursday, May 17th, 2007
10:48 pm - Duke december 1993 - May 2007

He was such a good puppy. I'm going to miss him very much.

current mood: sad

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Thursday, February 22nd, 2007
7:05 pm - Strange Days inside the vinyl mine
John Renbourn who played guitar with Pentangle released a solo album in 1968 called "Sir John ALot of Merrie Englandes Musyk Thyng And Ye Grene Knyghte." A meditative album of celtic fingerstyle guitar backed up by flutes,recorders and African drums, Finger cymbals and even Glockenspiel. I picked this up a couple weeks ago for $6 at my local vinyl Emporium. A good deal even if it was because this was a re-release, and a decently clean copy with not too many pops*. This was a record that really deserved to be kept in print. However for some unknown reason Windham Hill shortened the title to "Sir John Alot of" I'm supposing that the original title must have been too sixties for the minimalist new age Windham Hill, still cutting it off randomly like that does not show much respect for the original release.

Pentangle was one of the bands that was part of the english folk revival thing going on in the late sixties and early seventies. While the Fairport Convention electrified english folk music Pentangle kept things acoustic. Renbourn solo work covers a lot of ground including the blues.

*back in the day when we played these things called records some surface noise was almost inevitable. Oh how did we ever surrive?

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6:38 pm - The return of helpdesk
he last time I embedded this it disapeared the next day. Here it is reposted in a better copy:

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Sunday, February 18th, 2007
3:32 pm - Help Desk
I just find this really funny

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Sunday, January 28th, 2007
10:40 pm
Here it is the end of January already. I'm tired of winter and mildly stressed out. On the other hand I have some vacation time coming up and I like my job so things aren't too bad.

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Saturday, January 6th, 2007
4:28 pm
Inner Party Member
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Sunday, December 10th, 2006
3:32 pm - In the passing car 26 years ahead
At fourteen years old I woke one morning to find that John Lennon had been shot to death the night before. While I slept he walked up to the doorway to the Dakota apartment building where he lived and was shot in the chest by a man named Mark David Chapman. His fortieth birthday had only been two months previous.

For a teenager who had only really just gotten into The Beatles and Lennon's solo music this was a shock. Very few dates come to mind as being that much of a shock in my life. While for an earlier generation the assasinations of JFK, RFK and Martin Luthor King jr. were all great moments of singular tragedy, bookmarks in the timestream that loomed large over their lives, this would be the first for my generation. To come would be the destruction of a space shuttle, the collapse of the twin towers and then yet another space shuttle burning up in the atmosphere.

It struck me that sometime in the last couple weeks I passed the age John Lennon was when he died. That I am now moving forward, in my own personal time, into an age that he never knew. I find that a little disquieting here at the dog's end of the year.

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Wednesday, November 29th, 2006
7:24 pm
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Saturday, August 19th, 2006
2:05 pm - "This used to be a hellova good country."
There is a scene in Easy Rider where George Hanson(Jack Nicholson) and Billy(Dennis Hopper) are discussing why the rednecks hate Billy and Wyatt(Peter Fonda.)Billy says its because of the long hair. George tells him no, its because Wyatt and Billy represent freedom and that a truly free individual scares people and makes them dangerous.
So how is it that the same people who 35 years ago were scared and angry at seeing a free individual are now the ones claiming that the country is being attacked by people who hate and fear our freedom?

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Monday, July 17th, 2006
10:50 am - My Favorite albums/ Desert Island Picks UPDATED!
I've been thinking a bit tonight about what I would consider my absolute favorite albums. Strangely enough this list only represents a portion of my collection. I have attempted to only include a representative album where this sort of restriction is applicicable.

1. The Beatles - The White Album (The Beatles)*
2. Rolling Stones - Beggars Banquet
3. The Doors - LA Woman
4. Pink Floyd - Meddle
5. The Kinks - The Kinks Are The Vilage Green Preservation Society
6. The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground and Nico
7. Jimi Hendrix - Axis Bold As Love
8. Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisted
9. Bo Diddley - Got My Own Bag Of Tricks
10. The MC5 - Kick Out The Jams
11. The Jefferson Airplane - Surrealistic Pillow
12. Various Artists - Woodstock
13. George Harrison - All Things Must Pass
14. Paul McCartney - Band On The Run
15. John Lennon - Imagine
16. Jethro Tull - Songs From The Wood
17. Led Zeppelin - How The West Was Won
18. Captain Beefheart - Shiny Beast Batchain Puller
19. Frank Zappa - One Size Fits All
19. The Who - Live At Leeds
20. Love - Forever Changes
21. Grateful Dead - Live Dead
22. Bob Weir - Ace
23. Jerry Garcia - Garcia
24. Phil Lesh - Seastones
25. Diga Rhythm Band - Diga Rhythm Band
26. Traffic - Last Exit
27. Crosby Stills Nash and Young - So Far *&
28. Todd Rundgren - Something Anything
29. The Soft Machine - Soft Machine
30. The Flaming Groovies - Teenage Head
31. The Zombies - The Singles A's and B's
32. John Cale - Paris 1919
34. Syd Barrett - The Madcap Laughs
35. Dr. John - Gris Gris
36. 13 floor Elevators - Easter Everywhere
37. The Red Crayoloa - The Parable of Arable Land
38. Van Morrison - Moondance
39. Santana - Santana
40. Yes - Yessongs
41. Country Joe and the Fish - Electric Music for mind and body
42. Jack Bruce - Songs for a tailor
43. Mountain - Climbing!
44. King Crimson - Starless and Bible Black
45. Can - Ege Bamyasi
46. Steve Hilliage - Fish Rising
47. Procol Harum - Salty Dog
49. Spirit - The 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus
50. Big Brother and the holding co. - Cheap Thrills
51. John Fahey - The Legend of Blind Joe Death
52. Leo Kottke - Six and Twelve String Guitar
53. Nino Ferer - Metronomie
54. Serge Gainsbourg - Gainsbourg A Gainsbarre
55. The Firesign Theater - Waiting for the electrician of someone like him
56. The Firesign Theater - How can you be in two places at once when you're not anywhere at all
57. The Firesign Theater - Don't Crush That Dwarf Hand Me The Pliers
58. The Firesign Theater - We're All Bozos on this Bus
Ok, All Four of these albums are essential but if I had to pick only one it would be Dwarf.
59. Roger Waters - Music From the Body
60. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cosmos Factory
61. The Fugs - Golden Filth live at filmore east
62. Neil Young - Decade
63. Buffalo Springfield - Buffalo Springfield
64. David Bowie - Lodger
65. Jimmy Cliff - The Harder They Come
66. The Moody Blues - In Search Of The Lost Chord
67. Allman Brothers - Filmore East
68. Jeff Beck - Truth/Beckola
69. Paul Butterfield Blues Band - East West
70. Derek and the Dominos - Layla and other love songs
71. Paul Katner/Jefferson Starship - Blows Against the Empire
72. John Mayall & The Blues Breakers - A Hard Road
73. Pentangle - Essential Pentangle
74. Shawn Phillips - collaboration
75. The Incredible String Band - The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter
76. Various Artists - The Real Bahamas
77. Joseph Spence - Living on the Hallelujah Side
78. Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man
79. The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations: Smile(bootleg with 15minute Good Vibrations)
80. Elvis Presley - The Sun Sessions
81. Simon and Garfunkel - Sounds of Silence
82. Paul Simon - Negotiations and Love songs 1971-1986
83. Chuck Berry - The Great Twenty-eight
84. Dick Dale - Tribal Thunder
85. Squeeze - Singles
86. Ustad Sultan Khan - Sarangi: The music of india
87. Ravi Shankar - Live at the Monterey Pop Festival

This next section is basically late 70s through today but there are some holes. These correspond to times when I stopped listening/ buying new music due to what was going on in my life at the time or to times when I was so into older music I lost track of the cool new stuff.

1. The Stranglers - La Folie
2. Wire - Chairs Missing
3. The Clash - Story of the Clash
4. The Minutemen - Double Nickels on the Dime
5. Hüsker Dü - Zen Arcade
6. Sonic Youth - Daydream Nation
7. The Pouges - If I should Fall From Grace With God
8. Pixies - Surfer Rosa
9. Camper Van Beethoven - Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart
10. Mudhoney - Superfuzz Bigmuff
11. Spacemen 3 - The Perfect Prescription
12. The Meat Puppets - Up on the sun
13. Nirvana - Unplugged
14. The Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Technician
15. The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
16. Belle and Sebastian - Tigermilk
17. Tom Waits - Franks Wild Years
18. Ciccone Youth - The Whitey Album
19. Firehose - If'n
20. Elvis Costello - King of America
21. Crash Test Dummies - God Shuffled his feet
22. XTC - Skylarking
23. Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
24. They Might Be Giants - Flood
25. Boogie Down Productions - By All Means Necessary
26. Henry Kaiser - Those who know history are doomed to repeat it
27. The Dukes of Stratosphear - 25 O'clock
28. Bauhaus - 1979 -1983 Volume one
29. Pubic Image Limited - Live in Tokyo
30. various artists - Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye, A Tribute to Roky Erickson
31. Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables
32. Bongwater - Double Bummer+
33. Babaloo - Punk Mambo!


1. Louis Armstrong - The Hot Five and Sevens
2. Duke Ellington - The Blanton-Webster Band
3. Benny Goodman - Carnegie Hall Concert 1938
4. Miles Davis - Kind of Blue
5. John Coltrane - Blue Train
6. John McLaughlin - My Goal's Beyond
7. Mahavishnu Orhcestra - Inner Mounting Flame
8. Miles Davis - Bitches Brew
9. Dexter Gordon - Go
10. Sun Ra - Atlantis
11. Joe Pass - Blues Dues
12. Modern Jazz Quartet - Django
13. Dave Brubeck - Time Out
14. John Scofield - A Go Go
15. Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters
16. Miles Davis - 'Round about Midnight
17. Charles Mingus - Ah Um
18. Eric Dolphy - Out to Lunch
19. Thelonious Monk - Himself
20. Jimmy Smith - The Preacher
21. Charlie Parker - The complete Savoy Sessions Vol.1
22. Artie Shaw - Begin the Beguine
23. Django Reinhardt - Swing 39
24. John Zorn - The Big Gundown

1. Muddy Waters - His Best
2. Howlin Wolf - Chess Box Set
3. Robert Johnson - Complete recordings

1. Mahler - Symphony No. 9 - Bruno Walter
2. Mahler - Symphony No. 7 - James Levine
3. Kurt Weil - Threepenny Opera
4. Edgard Varèse - Amériques
5. Stravinsky - Rite of Spring


The Beau Hunks - Play the "Little Rascals"
Music from Pulp Fiction
Ennio Morricone - Film Music Volume I
Ennio Morricone - Film Music Volume II
The Carl Stalling Project (music from the warner brothers cartoons 1936-1958)
Wings of Desire
King Kong (original movie)
Zabriski point
The Big Easy
Pump up the volume

*Or Revolver on alternate thursdays with an R in the month
*& Or Deja Vu

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Tuesday, July 4th, 2006
10:06 am - Guitar God
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Tuesday, June 27th, 2006
3:12 am - Ann Coulter is a deadhead

It makes my head hurt.

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Sunday, June 25th, 2006
7:08 pm
Oz Native
You scored 10 Oz knowledge!
Wow, did I make the test too easy? You sure know your Oz. If you're a wicked witch, by any chance, don't go out in the rain!

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Saturday, June 24th, 2006
11:52 am
You scored 0 in the "I'm an ignoramus" category and 100 in the syntactical enlightenment category
100% - Your syntax sizzles! Feel free to get shitty with the lingo! (Those who know the rules, can break the rules) 90% - You are an amazingly gifted grammarian, and I would be pleased to read what you have to say. 80% - Sentence structure is not your forte, but your sentences are not crap. 70% - I guess you fall into that sadly average category. below 70% -- Get your ass in school!! Sometimes pejoratives are all right despite what your crusty old English teachers taught you.

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11:00 am
59% Combativeness, 16% Sneakiness, 73% Intellect, 13% Spirituality
Aggressive, but with the brains to back it up: You are a Spellsword!
Score! You have a prestige class. A prestige class can only be taken after you’ve fulfilled certain requirements. This may mean that you're an exceptionally talented person, but it probably doesn't.
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You're both smart and aggressive, which means that you're probably pretty dangerous when pissed off. You also tend to be somewhat straightforward, which is nice, and don’t have much use for spirituality or mysticism.

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10:18 am
Congratulations! You scored 110!
Holy shit mutherfuckin Yoda and shit! You are a true Jedi master of all things Jay and Silent Bob. Snooch to the motherfuckin noonch!

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