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I just find this really funny

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If people just sat down and fiddled with the computer long enough, they would figure out most of the basic operations on their own. The problem is that it isn't interesting to them, and so they don't really take the time to tinker with the machine, and really learn how to use it, rather they memorize a few useful tasks, and structure everything around that. You can tell the difference between someone who learned how to use their computer by just taking time to tinker with it, and someone who has structured their learning around two or three core tasks. I see the "core-task" types in a similar light to this guy trying to learn how to read his book, there is a lot of truth in this bit of sarcasm.
Interesting, this is the second time I've come across this link today. The other time was on one of the professional sites I lurk for work related tips. But, sadly, the video is no longer available. =(
Just found another posting of this with english subtitles.. with better image quality.